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My beloved life mate


June 28, 1970 - March 16, 2008

Do not fear death.
Death is always at our side.
When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than lightning,
but it is when we do not show fear,
it casts its eye on us gently and casts us to infinity.

Za Riaru Foku Burusu (Kohen)

Sanna on the balcony of our former home in Raisio, mid-March 2001

We met in 1992, at a May Day eve party I almost did not go to. You were so bright, beautiful and vibrant that it seemed to me you glowed. Over the course of the following summer, I fell in love with you. It felt like a time of miracles. And the sole true miracle was that you loved me too.

For 5.798 days, we were lovers, friends and confidants, exploring the avenues of life together. Together, we studied the many mysteries of human relationship, of home making, of corgi rising. Together we weathered the sad hours, together we experienced the many joyful days. Together.

Now I am alone. And I am not strong and brave like you were until the very end. But I hold the memories of your love of dogs, book and good food, of the taste of your breath and the texture of your skin, of the sweet smell of your lovely red hair. The memories of you. I thank you for them, for they alone can carry me forward now.

Farewell, my beloved.

Jouni Pohjola
Kuopio, Finland
March 20, 2008 (Spring equinox)

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