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For you to check out after you've finished perusing the CSDb:

My dogs (past and present)...

My dogs' home page (in Finnish)


...and their breeders

Kennel Mudpaw's -- the breeder of Tikru the Cardigan


Kennel Newcard's -- the breeder of the Cardigans Ripa, Rosti and Kamu


Kennel Sacaron -- the breeder of Rassi the Pembroke


General corgi stuff

Corgi-L official site




The Watching

The Watching -- Annual Christmas story
for young and old alike by Millie Williams,
and other corgi-related tales


The Daily Corgi

See and read about corgis from
all over the world!


Corgi related commercial stuff

Running Rabbit Press

Running Rabbit Press -- papercut art of
Andrea Wisnewski



FreeArt Corgi Art prints & more



Corgi stock photos New link!


Link partners

Does your corgi need a dog tag...

Dog Tags

...or perhaps a collar?

Dog Collars

Assorted other weirdness

Scifiminiatyyripelejš Suomen Turuus!?!

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